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Recommended Reading. ...Yar.

Some books to satisfy the inner Viking in us all.

A History of the Vikings, by Gwyn Jones

The Saga of Gisli, translated by Ralph B. Allen

Viking - Hammer of the North, by Magnus Magnusson

Myths of the Norsemen, From the Eddas and Sagas, by Guerber

Beowulf the Warrior, edited by Ian Serraillier

Sadly, most of the books are too old to have cover pictures, and my particular version of The Saga of Gisli is too old to exist in Amazon's databases! Humph. Still, both Gisli and Beowulf are incredibly good versions of the story, Beowulf being eclipsed (in my mind) only by the recent Olde English/Modern English split version, found here.

Anyone else have recommendations?
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